Omnidek Prepares Business Data for AI and Blockcha...

When IT wants to begin looking at implementing “Smart Data” and advanced computing, such as Machine Learning, AI, they notice that their business information is scattered across various apps, servers, and even email. Not quite the “decentralization” IT was hoping for!  Omnidek believes it can offer the proper platform to help companies begin restructuring their

4 Reasons Omnidek’s Business Platform may be the...

The M Word The word millennial has almost become a derogatory word. It seems to embody the worst character traits of a younger adult population, however the challenges this group has been faced with, and the solutions relied upon to overcome hardships cannot be discounted. The first millennials began entering the job market in 2008–2010

A Tough Lesson in Scaling Your Startup

The million dollar question, or in our case the 1.5 million dollar question: Does your business model and vision for your company match your product? This may sound like a simple question with a simple answer, but once you are in the market it may be difficult to change your set course. For most ambitious

Omnidek Holds 1st Annual Shareholder Meeting

Omnidek, a Baton Rouge based technology company, is having a 1st annual shareholder meeting on October 2nd, at the Louisiana Technology Park. “Omnidek has over 31 shareholders who have enabled us to lay the foundation for our vision of building “The business network”., says Chris Jordan, CEO of Omnidek.” We have spent the last 2

Transforming Enterprise Software with Smart Data

Omnidek is a cloud-based, enterprise business platform designed to take over a company’s entire workflow environment end to end, handling all business forms, approvals, mobile applications and portals. Perfect for any business trying to create a competent and long-term IT strategy, Omnidek consolidates these services and eliminates the need to have several apps. “It’s like

Baton Rouge software firm eRisk secures capital fo...

Baton Rouge-based software company eRisk Consulting LLC has secured investments from two Louisiana venture capital funds and a Florida software maker. The amount of the investment by The Catalyst Fund, Louisiana Fund II and Jupiter, Florida-based Core Associates LLC was not disclosed. The funding will help eRisk accelerate the development of its mobile application platform,

Baton Rouge software firm nets $600K in investment...

A Baton Rouge-based software company has netted a $600,000 combined investment from a Florida-based software company and two Louisiana venture development funds. eRisk Consulting, which caters to construction and real estate companies, received $150,000 from The Catalyst Fund, managed by Baton Rouge’s Innovation Catalyst. It also received a combined $450,000 investment from Louisiana Fund II,

The business network: Baton Rouge entrepreneur wan...

Chris Jordan spent much of his youth training to be a professional golfer. He was a state champion for Parkview Baptist and earned a scholarship to Nicholls State, where he played a single injury-marred season after tearing up his hip at a golf scramble team fundraiser on the first day of school. “It was a

The Omnidek Platform Re-imagines Business for the ...

Omnidek is the newest business platform to hit the market, and it is poised to disrupt business to business tech. “Omnidek was built to redefine the way businesses create workflows, interact with business content, communicate with clients, and strategize around their technology suite,” says Chris Jordan, Founder of Omnidek. “We wanted to build a platform

3 Reasons Most SharePoint Implementations Fail

Microsoft SharePoint is the most recognizable and “owned” Business Process Management and Collaboration platform on the planet but has the highest fail rate at implementation. When you search the internet for resources on SharePoint, you seem to find more alternative articles than quality use cases. There are 4 major reasons SharePoint Implementations fall short to