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Omnidek was created in 2017 with the goal to create a new way for businesses to communicate with one another, we call this Business Relationship Management (BRM). The future service-based economy will be led by the Millennial generation who craves open dialogues, high visibility, and self service opportunity. Omnidek recognized that Email and legacy business apps were to disjointed and disconnected to provide a single source platform. As we see email phasing out with alternative forms of communication arising, a new frontier is revealed for an application that can properly apply the principles Millennial’s yearn for in a business. We believe through Omnidek’s dynamic Business Process Management (BPM) Platform, and social media style architecture with group chat style communication at it’s center, it is staged to become the standardized global replacement to business communication.

Omnidek offers a dream environment for businesses to create their very own private portal environment where they can privately chat about actual business workflows and participate in real time with their Rolodex of customers, vendors, and business contacts. Unlike email, Omnidek is not governed by generations old choke points of file attachments and email. Omnidek’s back end is integrated Smart Data allowing for granular visibility, collaboration, and sharing of business data you private network portal. The impact of this re-imagined business ecosystem is the elimination of the entire idea of administrative functions inside a business. Omnidek

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