3 Reasons Omnidek > Slack and Teams

1. Lack of Context

Having a dialogue about business activity is important, but without having invested in additional apps that are bridged with these communication tools, the context can be lost during the chat.

Omnidek Provides context of the conversation as it relates to the work process the team is discussing

2. Corporate Record Management

Corporate Record Management- Having soft or flexible dialogue is valuable for internal collaboration, but these conversations are 100% part of the corporate record. Ask any company who has gone through e-discovery, all business communication is searchable and potentially harmful in the event of litigation. As we freely discuss various topics (some related to Corporate Record, some not) they all become subject to review and the lack of formality can potentially cause problems.

Omnidek aligns chat conversation next to the business process to keep conversations collaborative, but engaged and focused. These chat conversations as well as the audit log, creates high levels of documentation and auditability which can prove to be valuable to a Corporate Record Management strategy.

3. Enterprise Content Channels

Enterprise Content Channels- Creating subject matters on chat programs can be done via simply typing a subject, or integrating to a business app. This can be good for creating simple conversation points around a project or customer, however it begins to break down when additional content, and work processes are housed in various folders and application platforms that are not so easily referenced. This can create inconvenient breakdowns in efficiency and visibility.

Omnidek creates an Enterprise Content Channel which bridges together, not only the conversation dialogue, but also all related business forms and work processes involving the subject asset(customer, project, asset, etc.)