4 Reasons Omnidek’s Business Platform may be the Millennial’s Microsoft

The M Word

The word millennial has almost become a derogatory word. It seems to embody the worst character traits of a younger adult population, however the challenges this group has been faced with, and the solutions relied upon to overcome hardships cannot be discounted. The first millennials began entering the job market in 2008–2010 during the worst recession in history. High unemployment rates left many millennials prolonging their education all the while racking up copious amounts of student debt, living longer with their parents than previous generations and settling for underemployment opportunities. Once the unemployment rate rebounded, the job market remained competitive and many millennials lacked the actual work experience to match their years in the workforce. This lack of traditional experience is sometimes interpreted as a cultural defect, but at Omnidek the lack of traditional is seen as an opportunity to be innovative.

The Millennial Workforce

Millennials have new skill sets that can be applied to enhance and re-imagine outdated traditional work processes. Unlike generations before, millennials grew up utilizing fundamental feature platforms, not applications. Typical business applications are industry specific and process oriented. Fundamental feature platform technologies are different. These platforms are suites of features that enable individuals to use their creativity to customize the platform and maximize their product experience. Millennials utilize social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube to create sales opportunities, network and self-service continuing education. The goal of the next generation of technology platforms should be to create these base feature suites which empowers the up and coming workforce to use their budding skills to positively effect business work processes.

Omnidek Business Platform is built for the Millennial Generation

Omnidek believes it has created the next generation business utility which allows millennials to implement next generation business solutions and leverage their strengths. Millennials do not think in terms of paper and work processes. They have grown up in a highly automated and self-service world. They are baffled by and sometimes even look down on the concept of moving paper around the office. They think in terms of data and they expect that data to be highly visible, modifiable and easily analyzed. Collaborative data is not just what they are familiar with, but it is what the future of our workforce will demand.

Millennial Business Leaders will demand…

1 Empowerment

Millennials are coming into older companies and disrupting the status quo for the better. Old paper processes and workflows that have been around for generations are being eliminated by new innovative technologies like Omnidek. Millennials need to feel empowered to implement new business processes and have the resources to do this with minimal training requirements.

2 Technology

The Omnidek platform offers a codeless or citizen developer platform that can be learned in minutes and implemented in days, if not hours, for virtually any process and department. Omnidek reduces the time it takes to implement a new business process by 90% and can be the catalyst for new automation strategies led by this next generation of leaders.

3 Collaboration

Millennials require more collaborative and social style environments. They want to have conversations about business processes and involve all pertinent parties at the same time. Omnidek “group chat” style workflow and network design is similar to Facebook or LinkedIn, and allows for the creation of a company’s “Business Network”. With this network, customers and vendors can collaborate on mission critical business processes with controlled and secure access through relationship portals. The ability to create a controlled and connected network between employees and external individuals while allowing for real time approval or confirmations can drastically reduce email and the overall time to complete a workflow.
Omnidek also offers full transparency by documenting every time someone sees a message or workflow, changes a value or approves an item. This environment encourages the highest levels of accountability and visibility, benefiting the employee and the business.

4 Culture

Work life balance and a sense of community and being part of a team are top values for millennials. Businesses are now going to great lengths to provide benefits in line with those values to their employees, and the technology they use is a significant factor. Omnidek assists business in allowing for flexible schedules because it is a web based feature suite, allowing employees to access their work from anywhere, not just their work computer. Omnidek also highly prioritizes corporate and individual identity by allowing for complete customization and branding along with personal profiles. Individuals feel they are working inside “their” businesses ecosystem and not bouncing between multitude of generic business apps. Statistics show millennials are willing to take less pay to be a part of a collaborative, inclusive and flexible business culture, and Omnidek embodies those values.

The next generation of business will be filled with re-imagined business processes, disruptive technologies and new opportunities. Equipping the next generation of employees will be critical for navigating these changes. The Omnidek business platform takes a holistic approach to business software for the next generation.