4 Ways Omnidek Automates the Purchase Order Workflow

Many organizations forego using Purchase Orders because they see it as more paperwork. It’s a hassle. Someone has to create it, then someone has to enter all of those line items into the accounting system.

But purchase orders are an important piece in the success of projects. There needs to be a way to expedite the process and eliminate delays from mismanaged and unorganized practices.

What if you could just fill out the Purchase Order form a single time and it automatically routes to the Accounting department. Then with a click of a button…it’s synced to your accounting system records, done. You can even email your purchase order directly to the vendor.

Eliminating lengthy processes and tons of paperwork motivates employees to stick to policies. And when employees stick to policies, your organization runs smoother.

How does Omnidek improve the PO process

1. Improves purchase order processing speed

The purchase order is completed in Omnidek and is routed to the Accounting department. No more saving the document as a PDF and attaching it or scanning to email. And definitely no more paper forms. Omnidek can also make filling out the purchase order quicker. Let’s say you only have certain parts that can be purchased for a project. When the job is selected, only the necessary parts become available for selection.

2. Accelerates the approval process

Approval workflows are created so you are less likely to exceed project budgets. If a project manager creates and submits a purchase order, its routed in the workflow to the project accountant. They can check the budget and then approve or reject the purchase order. Revisions can be made to that purchase order and resubmitted as well.

3. Prevents procurement fraud

Security measures can be put in place within Omnidek. Only certain users can be assigned certain forms. If you do not want all field employees to have access to the PO form, they will not be assigned that form.

4. Seamless implementation to your accounting software

No more date entry. That alleviates time for someone in Accounting to have to sit there and input all of those purchase orders. Omnidek can obtain the correct coding and sync those approved purchase orders into your accounting software.