Low Code vs No Code for Business Process Improvement

The ever-growing technology market of desktop and web applications can create challenges for selecting the right application for your enterprise. Many buzzwords surround “low code” or “citizen-developer” applications to entice potential buyers. Understanding the differences can be important in making your selection.

Low-code applications require less coding, but coding none the less. Many can offer more advanced functionality and custom opportunities, however require well-defined business processes and an infrastructural vision to be able to successfully implement. The challenge many small to mid-sized clients discover is their work processes do not require the same level of sophistication, yet due to the applications code requirement (albeit low code) it can be a budget concern for building and maintaining overtime.

A new breed of true “no code” or citizen developer platforms such as Omnidek, create a new opportunity to create powerful processes, but with zero technical requirements. Although process definition is still a requirement, modifications and implementations can be made from the departmental level and updated on the fly to meet changing business conditions. This decentralization of Process improvement is an enormous advantage to IT professionals, as departmental managers intimately understand the needs for both data, process, and reporting. This removes the layer of translating and defining the business logic for a developer who does not have the process understanding.

Platforms like Omnidek create a playground for managers to build and modify process improvements with changing business climate, but inside a secure and branded business portal. The Omnidek Platform implements an “assembly line” approach to work process leveraging the same form’s engine for creating process forms, a single inbox for all approvals and business chat/communication, and a single reporting/insight engine for monitoring and reporting on business activity. This drastically reduces the time to onboard new process improvements, but also creates valuable repeatability inside the enterprise.

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