Omnidek Holds 1st Annual Shareholder Meeting

Omnidek, a Baton Rouge based technology company, is having a 1st annual shareholder meeting on October 2nd, at the Louisiana Technology Park. “Omnidek has over 31 shareholders who have enabled us to lay the foundation for our vision of building “The business network”., says Chris Jordan, CEO of Omnidek.” We have spent the last 2 years in laser focused development of our technology platform, and the last 6 months in early beta delivery to a select group of customers. As we transition from pre-revenue to revenue, we are focusing our efforts on customer experience and user adoption. Omnidek emerged into the Baton Rouge technology and entrepreneur space several years ago with an early seed investment from Louisiana based VC’s Innovation Catalyst and LA Fund II. The early support from both groups (now estimated at over 2M across subsequent Angel/Seed rounds to date) allowed Omnidek to attract additional investment from local private investors.

What exactly does Omnidek do?
What do you get if you combined Microsoft’s suite of business utilities and Facebooks network? The answer: a multi-enterprise portal network, or as it’s affectionately known by the team in Baton Rouge, Omnidek. Omnidek provides small to mid-size businesses the luxury of having an intranet and extranet portal. Large scale enterprises invest millions annually in intranet/extranet portals to unify business communication and work processes. Intranet portals reduce email but most importantly the number of apps to manage across employees. Small businesses cannot afford to build or maintain an intranet portal and are left buying multiple cloud-based business apps to solve each individual process.

“There is an industry term called “Appegeddon” where businesses are reaching a boiling point of app overload.” says Jordan. “Omnidek enables companies to reduce 50% of their SaaS costs within 30 days of using Omnidek and simultaneously creating a new environment to roll out process improvements in the future.”

In mid-September, Omnidek opened a new investment round of $2M they are calling Series A3. Uses of proceeds for the round will be focused heavily on growing top-line revenue and fully automating the application delivery to the consumer. “Omnidek was built for rapid product delivery. We have a search engine marketing and optimization strategy designed to give us early indicators of Omnidek’s true growth potential and how to optimize over time.” says Omnidek CMO, Kade Cooper.