Omnidek Prepares Business Data for AI and Blockchain

When IT wants to begin looking at implementing “Smart Data” and advanced computing, such as Machine Learning, AI, they notice that their business information is scattered across various apps, servers, and even email. Not quite the “decentralization” IT was hoping for!  Omnidek believes it can offer the proper platform to help companies begin restructuring their businesses content and data structure in preparation for future technological advancements.

First things first…What is Omnidek?

At its core, Omnidek is a data capturing utility. It is designed to face “forms” towards any individual, both internal and external, that would interact with your business. Omnidek’s cloud is a robust data hub that offers multi sourced data integrations for data validation, but also “hooks” into the blockchain. Omnidek core features include…

  • Integrated Business Forms
  • Business Insights
  • Client/Relationship Portals
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Workflows
  • Task Management

When businesses successfully implement Omnidek, their data is centralized, integrated and secured. It is at this point that companies can begin looking at ways to identify trends with  the use of AI and Machine Learning, or practical and tangible implementations of the block chain.  Omnidek offers the idea of a “Cluster” which is a small cluster of questions that are sourced or integrated to a data source. This data source can be Omnidek’s data warehouse to identify trends across industry/user base, or hooked into the block chain for validation and practical use cases.

How Omnidek handles growth of new technology over time.

Once a businesses has successfully implemented Omnidek, users are already familiar with flow of content and insights. When a new addition to the blockchain or machine learning use case arises, Omnidek provides access to the data via an API.  With a few clicks, a new practical workflow can be created and deployed with very little disruption to day to day processes. Now compare that to a never-ending strategy of buying, integrating, training, and maintaining a bloated library of apps for business, and you can begin to see the advantages of Omnidek and why it has the capacity to be the next great tech giant built for the blockchain.