Save Insight View with Layouts

Another month, another round of incredible product updates (extra props to our development team ). We’d like to highlight Insight Layouts of our new favorite features. Insight Layouts let’s you save all of your filters, column arrangement, and sorting for a quick view with the way you want to view your data.

Let’s see how it works:

Insight Layouts Available Across All Devices

Users now have the ability to save the grid setting of their insight using Insight Layouts. With this change a user can save multiple layouts per Insight, name them, and recall them at any time across all their devices. Users can build Insight Layouts specific to the Condensed View and Full View of the Insights Panel.

Settings that are saved using the Insight Layout:

  • Column header groupings in the drag and drop portion of the insights panel
  • Ascending or descending sort order on a column
  • Values entered in search box under column headers
  • Values entered in global search to the top right of the insight panel
  • Users can manage and navigate the Layouts using the three buttons to the right of the drop down: Save, Add, and Delete.

Adding Insight Layouts

Once all settings have been set for the desired Layout, users can save grid settings using the ‘+’ button to add
a new Insight Layout. A modal will prompt to name the Layout. Select the ‘Add’ button to save. Note: A new
Layout cannot be created while another Layout is selected.

Editing Insight Layouts

To edit an Insight Layout, select the appropriate Layout from the drop down list. Make any necessary changes
to the grid setting, then select the Save button located to the right of

Deleting Insight Layouts

To delete an Insight Layout, select the Layout from the drop down list. The delete button labeled ‘x’ will be
available for selecting. Select the button, then follow the prompt to verify the delete.