The Omnidek Platform Re-imagines Business for the Future

Omnidek is the newest business platform to hit the market, and it is poised to disrupt business to business tech. “Omnidek was built to redefine the way businesses create workflows, interact with business content, communicate with clients, and strategize around their technology suite,” says Chris Jordan, Founder of Omnidek. “We wanted to build a platform that could once and for all make good on some of the promises underdelivered by Microsoft’s business suite. Microsoft has so engrained the way we conduct business with Windows Folders, OneDrive, SharePoint and even Outlook, that many companies have simply settled for using these programs as last resorts. They find themselves forced to over invest in business apps that offer singular focus functionality,” continues Jordan. “We wanted to build something better, a connected “Business Network” designed for the future enhancements of Machine Learning, AI, and practical utilization of the Blockchain.”

The Elevator Pitch

Omnidek’s business platform is designed to offer an immediate solution for clients looking to automate all their business workflows and forms through a branded business portal built for internal and external collaboration. Long term, the act of consolidating a business’s workflow onto Omnidek connects the business to an integrated and secure business network of individuals and businesses built upon the Blockchain. Much like Facebook is the “social network”, Omnidek believes it has the potential to become the “business network” allowing businesses of all sizes to tap into a dynamic environment for B2B collaboration, process management, data insights, and uses cases of AI derived from Omnidek’s integrated B2B network. Omnidek believes the future of business is connected portal collaboration for all, built on the Blockchain, and with their new business platform it is finally possible.

Folders System vs Omnidek Smart Data Content Management

Before technology, people put paper into folders in file cabinets. For continuity, the same processes were replicated by the Microsoft Windows folder where it gained nearly 100% market share. Since nearly everyone uses the Windows folder structure to store content, people were left growing large, mismanaged folder structures and hierarchies. Newer, web-based platforms also followed suite with Google Drive, OneDrive and SharePoint and the cycle continued. Omnidek realized however that the digital folder structure has no way of converting to a data first structure , as we see every industry headed. “We believe businesses will necessarily have to look at new technology platforms to help convert their legacy content into a platform built for the future. Omnidek is that platform. It offers  a true “single to many” philosophy for capturing valid data points through forms from any individual who would interact with a company, and offering individuals for the first time a new way of looking at their business data,” says Jordan. With Omnidek, all business content is stored in an integrated data warehouse and conditioned views of data are monitoring submission traffic and alerting users about new form criteria that meets their desired interest or responsibility in real time.  Jordan states, “For the first time business data comes alive and can create enormous amounts of efficiency and visibility.”

Traditional Email vs Omnidek Inbox

Is email dead? At first blush this question sounds ridiculous, but Omnidek seems to think the relevance and uses of email are dissipating rapidly, and their new platform could be the replacement. Omnidek coins a concept called “interportal collaboration” and it is very similar to the way social apps work today, simply applied to business. So, Could they be right? Could email be dead? For good measure, let us entertain the concept. If email was on it’s way to obscurity, what would be the early tremors of collapse? The first would be the rise in other forms of communication outlets. “I believe facebook and other social platforms have proven their ability to nearly eliminate the need for personal email. For business, Slack’s success as well as other app specific chat features shows an overall migration away from the idea of email and towards something different.” Says Jordan. ” We want to be the platform that brings it all together for every industry.”

In the future, we believe that email will be replaced by a new concept called “interportal communication”. This is when individuals navigate between business portals, similar to navigating across “friends” or “followers” in social platforms. By navigating into another company’s Omnidek portal, your “relationship” with that company is specific to your current role and responsibility.The company is defining how you can interact with it, what information and forms you have availability to submit or review, and you can participate in the business workflow in real time.” Jordan adds. Omnidek believes in the future, everyone will have a portal on their network due to its pricepoint, and ease of use. “You need not look too far to see some of the forward thinking industries such as FinTech ditching email. The banking sectors have virtually all converted to secure portal messaging for communication with their clients due to security concerns and privacy. Just imagine if those portals were part of a larger connected network,” says Jordan. “That is what Omnidek was built for.”

Omnidek’s Business Platform Can…

  1. Support integration to multiple data sources for validation, including the blockchain.
  2. Portal style framework with a singular inbox for valid business communication and workflow initiated by and encompassing individuals within and outside the company.
  3. Branded presence for high impact and high-quality look and feel.
  4. Group chat style usability which can easily be accessed and used by any individual.
  5. Create a business ecosystem of networked businesses network built to drive AI and Machine Learning.

“We are not proposing the total elimination of email, but we do believe there can be a better alternative.” explained Jordan. He believes Omnidek has created the replacement platform to email, and other business communication applications with broader and more integrated functionality for business communications.

Sharepoint vs Omnidek Platform

Omnidek offers a lighter and simpler platform to create both internal and external portaling for businesses. Jordan proposes that “Although SharePoint offers highly robust rules engines and enterprise level sophistication, most companies have much simpler workflows and under 50 employees. We believe Omnidek’s platform provides the perfect balance of dynamics with usability. Companies can build out their own forms portal in hours with the Omnidek platform and continuously roll out additional workflows over the life of the application.” Omnidek provides conditional workflows in a highly visible and collaborative “group chat” style interface. Omnidek workflow also extends outside of the company to engage with customers, vendors or any individual that interacts with your business while allowing them to communicate and effect workflow within the platform.

Searching vs Subscribing with Omnidek’s Insights

In most businesses the search and retrieval of business files and data creates entire departments for auditing, administration, records management and compliance. “The word search in general implies that there is a need for visibility,” reasons Jordan. The overreaching goal of retrieval is to acquire data or images for singular viewing or manually compiling for a business requirement. Omnidek Insights flips the script on these generational processes by offering companies a “live” look at their data. “When a client implements Omnidek, they go department by department and recreate every business form and workflow. Once business content is now flowing through the Omnidek platform, the data can be conditioned, grouped, filtered and subscribed to on an individual by individual basis in real time. Subscribers are made aware of new forms meeting their desired conditions with a notification badge on their Insights dashboard.  Jordan believes, “The end result of Omnidek’s Data Insights is the elimination of asking questions about your business. Things you want to know about are presented to you in real time without the need to inquire or search.”
In addition to visibility, Omnidek also allows individuals to create custom export layouts to produce mass export of data to feed existing applications and eliminate data entry. Companies can also use Omnidek to face specific data towards external users inside the Omnidek external portal eliminating administrative work all together.

Is Omnidek the next tech giant? …the future will surely tell the tale, but for Chris Jordan, “Businesses will necessarily have to change to prepare for the future advancements. Omnidek believes this change needs a catalyst and one that can be simple and affordable for every business. We look forward to hopefully being that change agent in the years to come.”