Business Process Guide

Our mission here at Omnidek is to create best practice workflows for every process inside your company to create consistency and efficiency among your team members. We want to be your first call when looking to implement a new business process or implement a micro improvement to an existing process. For this reason, we will assign you an Omnidek Data Genius who will be your direct point of contact for your entire time as a customer. The expectations we have for our Omnidek Data Geniuses is to be in charge of your customer success, so whether you need quick answers to set up, or complex design brainstorming sessions, your Data Genius will be with you every step of the way as part of your monthly subscription. This is our way of investing in your customer success journey. 

Getting Started Checklist

Before we get started, it is important that you take a few minutes to walk through the Getting started checklist. We will ask that you pull together some items, and identify team members who will be the internal committee for process improvement during your company’s Omnidek success journey. 

1. Building Your Internal Success Team

The secret to a successful implementation of your Omnidek Portal is building an internal success team. Your Omnidek Data Genius will be a big part of helping you brainstorm and configure processes, but it will take a few key internal personnel to ensure these processes are successfully implemented and continuously improved upon over time. 

Process Coordinator

Your process Coordinator needs to be your Process Designer in Chief. Their role is to gather information from various employees involved in a process. For example, the Process Coordinator needs to investigate the requirements from the field or external personnel, the approvers and mid-level managers, as well as the executive and administrative teams. The Process Coordinator is responsible for leaving no stone left unturned to reduce the amount of modifications post go live. In addition, the best practice would be to diagram these new processes and use them to create a Process Bible for your entire company. 

Decision Maker/Sponsor

When implementing Omnidek, especially if you may be enhancing an existing process it is important to have an executive sponsor or someone who can offer decision-making authorization to change corporate policy if required. This may be done so by various executives in both Operations, accounting, etc. 

The System Administrator

The System administrator may also be the Process Coordinator, but for larger implementation, it is important to cross-train multiple system administrators who will be responsible for building forms, setting up workflows, setting up or moving employees, managing portal invitations, and more. The System Administrator will be the most hands-on role to the software. 

This three personnel should be identified prior to your onboarding session as your Omnidek Data Genius will ask you who will be responsible for these positions. This will help us when coordinating communications throughout the life of your client journey. 

2. Omnidek’s Role in Your Success Journey

As we mentioned earlier, our goal at Omnidek is to maximize the value of our platform inside your company. We strive to go over and beyond to help you achieve success in your Journey. We do this by offering 5 Value Adds as part of your subscription. 

Your Data Genius

Your Omnidek Data Genius will be like your own on demand consultant who will be engaged with you during initial setup, as well as through quarterly check-ins and on-demand process reviews. We encourage you to make the most out of your Data Genius. The more you leverage their assistance, the more familiar they will become with your business to help consult for future process improvements. 

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is a complementary process community of shared forms built by our community of users and consultants. This marketplace is continuously added to and various best practices are highlighted in monthly email announcements. These forms are free of charge and built to serve as accelerators to give customers ideas for building out their portal.

Feature Requests

At Omnidek we pride ourselves in being a customer-first company. We offer our customers the unique opportunity to submit feature requests directly to our design committee for review and consideration in future releases. The feature request form is located in your customer portal. 

Support Needs

Also located in your customer portal you will be able to submit support requests for any issues you may have during your life as an Omnidek customer. For questions or setup assistance you may always directly contact your Omnidek Data Genius for direct support on demand. 

Your Advanced Service Opportunities

Omnidek offers custom professional services for an hourly fee. Your Omnidek Data Genius can coordinate a time to review any project you may have in an idea stage and bring in our service team for investigating the project. Services will review your process and offer you a complementary project scope with an hours and price estimate for your review. If your company has its own development team, you may request a public API key, and can work directly with our Professional Service team for complimentary training and support for building your own custom project.

3. What You Need for the Planning Meeting?

So you are about ready to get started! Let’s make sure you bring all the right resources to the first meeting. 

The Right People

Make sure that you have your implementation team assigned. This team is made up of your Process Coordinator, Executive Sponsor, and System Administrator. Your Omnidek Data Genius will ask you who will be the key contact for each of these roles.

The Data Sources

If we are going to be using your data for form building we will need to have these data sources available. Data is usually in spreadsheets for customers, projects, inventory items, etc. If you use an ERP platform, we can provide an integration subscription quote, and professional services to connect your ERP data to your Omnidek Portal. If you require an integration, we will coordinate a 2-day integration window with your IT contacts to install these connections. Your Omnidek Data Genius can offer you a quote and date schedule for these services. 

The Current Process

You will need to bring the current process and any companion processes that are being used today to the meeting. This may be as simple as a paper form, or as complex as a workflow diagram. Your Omnidek Data Genius will ask in-depth questions into these processes and look for ways to enhance this process with Omnidek. We have found that blank form templates don’t always tell the story, so if you can supply a few forms that have been fully filled out it will help your Data Genius better understand the questions being asked and the volume of data on the form. 

The Reporting Needs

Your Omnidek Data genius will take a deep dive into the reporting requirements for the process. Many times a process only exists on paper with minimal visibility for reporting, so our Data Genius will offer the best methods of configuring your Omnidek Insights for reporting visibility on what is important as well as custom options through email services for daily emails to the right people. 

Think From the Data Backwards

It’s important to take an open mind into your Omnidek Implementation. Our platform is a data-first platform rather than file first. This opens up a new opportunity to visualize your company’s data in real time. We try and do this by thinking about what data you care about and work backwards towards the work process.

What About Companion Processes

Rarely, a process is stand alone. Usually a process has additional companion processes that are spawned when conditions are met. We will ask that you think about these processes as well when bringing your forms to the meeting. For Example, If you are looking to implement a Purchase Request process, think about the credit card receipt, the receiver ticket, the New Vendor Setup Process, etc. 

A Few Closing Points

We couldn’t be happier to have your company be part of the Omnidek Portal network. We look forward to maximizing the value of our platform and creating a success journey for your company. To close, let me explain why we do what we do. We believe companies need to be in control of the technology and processes. Too often companies try buying a multitude of Saas apps to piecemeal a solution. This can create disconnected and dis-joined processes, and minimal software utilization. Omnidek believes if you can create an “assembly line” of work process inside your company, your employees will become efficient at the core feature set of the portal and be ready for any process improvement you can dream up in the future. 

Lastly, keep in mind that Omnidek can be used to automate workflows between your company, customers, and vendors. As you mature your platform, we ask that you consider expanding your portal to external business contacts to share information, gather signatures and approvals for better workflow collaboration. We at Omnidek are striving to help companies #DoWorkTogether more effectively in the future, and we look forward to providing the most powerful and easy to use platform to do so. 

The system is sourced by two data components: a main multi-tenant database which stores application structures and user/client information, and a single-tenant per-client database which stores form, workflow, and asset data.  Below is a diagram illustrating the Omnidek System Architecture.