Less Time to Onboard with a New Hire Portal

The current process for a new hire onboarding is cumbersome with a stack of paperwork requiring a new hire to waste hours of time filling out paper packets and handwritten forms. All of these forms with personal information are handed off to be keyed in as data in spreadsheets behind the scenes, thus creating stagnant data that is unsecured and disorganized. Our ultimate goal for a HR portal is to create the perfect employee experience that takes a new hire and converts them to a team member ready to hit the ground running.

As a new hire fills out these packets the new hire may have questions waiting for an opportune time to ask, waiting for approvals, and uncertainty what to do next. And many times because of out dated paper forms, the questions may not even apply to the role your new employee is taking on. By implementing a HR portal a manager can publish exactly what needs to be filled out and digitally with direct chat communication for questions so the new hire can quickly be approved to move forward.

Once a new hire has completed the stacks of paperwork, are they just thrown to the sharks? Are they expected to begin working with little to no training? Numerous times the employee will begin working with a vague understanding of what they need to do or lack the proper training, resulting in a “learn as you go” behavior which tends to come with lots of mistakes that requires involving other team members to help mitigate and resolve the resulting havoc. Having a HR portal for training and educational university enables the new hire to immediately proceed to begin learning the critical information needed to begin their work with confidence and effectiveness. By providing a portal for resources and communication automates collecting information, approvals, and streamlines communication resulting in a more productive employee.

  • Training videos
  • Goals to focus towards
  • Procedures to follow for the role
  • Guides for quick reference
  • Company policies
  • Chat with team members with questions

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