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The first step to onboarding employees is having them fill out onboarding paperwork. The portal allows you to create a new hire workflow including fillable PDFs, pictures or IDs, and signatures prior to an employee coming on board. Once approved, the data can be updated in Intacct, and the employee role is changed from new hire to their new position in the company. This transition changes the experience to one with applicable access, forms, and reporting abilities with a single click.


Where do you put all the files and forms related to an employee? Are they all in one location or are they spread across the server, outlook accounts, software programs, and file cabinets? The Employee management process group creates a powerful mechanism to organize every process involving an employee into what is called a channel. This channel organizes by chronological order and form type into a single location and acts as a living, breathing employee file.

All forms are customizable to meet your clients requirements.

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