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Welcome to Omindek On behalf of Our entire family here at Omnidek I want to thank you for joining the business network. We look forward to working with you and building a lasting relationship with you and your organization.  Our Mission at Omnidek Our mission here at Omnidek is to create best practice workflows for

4 Ways Omnidek Betters the Purchase Order Workflow

Many organizations forego using Purchase Orders because they see it as more paperwork. It’s a hassle. Someone has to create it, then someone has to enter all of those line items into the accounting system. But purchase orders are an important piece in the success of projects. There needs to be a way to expedite

Over 100 Free Forms in the Marketplace

Watch Lauren share just how easy it is to explore the Community Marketplace and build no-code workflows in minutes. Join over 1,000 community members sharing best practice workflows on the Omnidek Intranet Platform. Convert your existing paper forms, PDFs, and spreadsheets into collaborative and secure workflows integrated with your Sage ERP solution. Purchase Requests Field

How do you migrate to Sage Intacct or Cloud ERP?

The next great revolution in enterprise technology will be the migration to true cloud-based ERP solutions. This migration path will displace many third party add-on applications that creates expensive clunky integrations between their application and “dinosauric” ERP software. The rise in no code “intranet” portals will quickly accelerate enterprise value in cross-departmental processes enabling power

Establishing an IT educator and consultant role in...

Over the past decade, staff IT presence has dwindled inside most small to midsize companies. Instead of spending dollars on headcount, smart money advised most executives to move to contracted IT to save costs and begin moving to more cloud-based applications. This perfect storm of migration and adoptions created an industry wide problem called Appegeddeon.

Omnidek Prepares Business Data for AI and Blockcha...

When IT wants to begin looking at implementing “Smart Data” and advanced computing, such as Machine Learning, AI, they notice that their business information is scattered across various apps, servers, and even email. Not quite the “decentralization” IT was hoping for!  Omnidek believes it can offer the proper platform to help companies begin restructuring their

4 Reasons Omnidek’s Business Platform may be the...

The M Word The word millennial has almost become a derogatory word. It seems to embody the worst character traits of a younger adult population, however the challenges this group has been faced with, and the solutions relied upon to overcome hardships cannot be discounted. The first millennials began entering the job market in 2008–2010

A Tough Lesson in Scaling Your Startup

The million dollar question, or in our case the 1.5 million dollar question: Does your business model and vision for your company match your product? This may sound like a simple question with a simple answer, but once you are in the market it may be difficult to change your set course. For most ambitious

Omnidek Holds 1st Annual Shareholder Meeting

Omnidek, a Baton Rouge based technology company, is having a 1st annual shareholder meeting on October 2nd, at the Louisiana Technology Park. “Omnidek has over 31 shareholders who have enabled us to lay the foundation for our vision of building “The business network”., says Chris Jordan, CEO of Omnidek.” We have spent the last 2

Transforming Enterprise Software with Smart Data

Omnidek is a cloud-based, enterprise business platform designed to take over a company’s entire workflow environment end to end, handling all business forms, approvals, mobile applications and portals. Perfect for any business trying to create a competent and long-term IT strategy, Omnidek consolidates these services and eliminates the need to have several apps. “It’s like