The Omnidek Platform Re-imagines Business for the ...

Omnidek is the newest business platform to hit the market, and it is poised to disrupt business to business tech. “Omnidek was built to redefine the way businesses create workflows, interact with business content, communicate with clients, and strategize around their technology suite,” says Chris Jordan, Founder of Omnidek. “We wanted to build a platform

3 Reasons Most SharePoint Implementations Fail

Microsoft SharePoint is the most recognizable and “owned” Business Process Management and Collaboration platform on the planet but has the highest fail rate at implementation. When you search the internet for resources on SharePoint, you seem to find more alternative articles than quality use cases. There are 4 major reasons SharePoint Implementations fall short to

Low Code vs No Code for Business Process Improveme...

The ever-growing technology market of desktop and web applications can create challenges for selecting the right application for your enterprise. Many buzzwords surround “low code” or “citizen-developer” applications to entice potential buyers. Understanding the differences can be important in making your selection. Low-code applications require less coding, but coding none the less. Many can offer

3 Reasons Omnidek > Slack and Teams

1. Lack of Context Having a dialogue about business activity is important, but without having invested in additional apps that are bridged with these communication tools, the context can be lost during the chat. Omnidek Provides context of the conversation as it relates to the work process the team is discussing 2. Corporate Record Management