Expense Report Software

Expense Reporting

Automate your expense reporting process. In 3 simple steps, an expense report can be created, coded, and approved while seamlessly integrating into your accounting software.

Step 1: Code & Capture

Simple Entry of Expenses from Any Device

Capture your receipts from any mobile device and code them to customizable populated lists within your accounting platform. Configure your entry screen to enable cross project coding, multi-level coding for single transaction, or multi-transaction expense reporting.

Mobile Device capture

Supports G&A Expense and 5 Tier Cost Coding

Cross Job and Multi Line Coding

Step 2: Review, Code and Approve

Questions About an Expense?

No Problem- Start a Chat

Omnidek has combined a live, workflow chat to allow your teams to chat and collaborate in real-time without compromising accuracy for speed and to assist with any questions regarding an expense report.  All while recording the entire process and conversation to create an audit log.

Chat Driven Approvals

Automated Expense Reporting from Submitted Receipts

Audit History of Approvals and Conversation

Single Expense and Expense Report Routing Options

Step 3: Integration with ERP

Complete End to End Process

Omnidek offers a complete end to end solution for expense management. Whether your company imports or utilizes API connections; Omnidek offers limitless integration and reporting capabilities with a variety of the most popular accounting, ERP, and even customized integration platforms.

Sage 100 Contractor

Sage 300 CRE


Sage Intacct


And more...

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For Every Team, Any Industry, Anywhere

An enterprise solution for non-enterprise clients

  • Accounting
  • Human
  • Service
  • Field
  • Employee Management
  • Business

Centralize Your Accounting Processes

Omnidek allow you to create controls on accounting processes for upholding corporate compliance, and uniformity of accounting processes.

  • Purchase Orders
  • Expense Reports
  • Payment Applications
  • CC Receipts
  • Timesheet Management
  • Gather Collaborative approvals from managers ​
  • Integrate Omnidek with your Accounting and ERP platforms​

Create an Self-Service Employee Portal

Omnidek offers the ability to build data collection forms for HR, but also embed fillable PDF’s to complement HR onboarding processes.  Create an employee self service experience for requesting time off, submitting Expense Reimbursements, and accessing paystubs.

  • New Hires Onboarding
  • Paid Time Off
  • Employee Scorecards
  • Embed Fillable PDFs in a Workflow

A Customer Portal for Service Requests

Create a powerful self service portal experience for customers to submit service requests, communicate with technician’s and dispatchers. Omnidek allows for multiple, dynamic views of work tickets including data drill down, cross work order reporting, Status board, and Gantt views.

  • Work Order
  • Dispatching
  • Customer Portals
  • Work Ticket Reporting

Manage All of Your Daily Work Activity

Create daily reports to gather valuable business data for time tracking, equipment, materials, and more for reporting back to Management and activity documentation. 

Omnidek services allows for seamless importing of daily and weekly payroll time with options for custom rules. Omnidek offers a multitude of integrations with industry leading applications

  • Timecards
  • Daily Reports
  • Safety
  • Work Authorization
  • Track Daily Work Activity
  • Field Work Authorization Sign-offs
  • Enterprise Tasks from Work Activity
  • Import Time into ERP

Powerful Employee Management Tools

Create daily reports to gather valuable business date for time tracking, equipment, materials, and more for reporting back to Management and activity documentation.

Conduct regular employee scorecard evaluations and visualize your top performers and target training/coaching opportunities for lower graded team members.

  • Manager Reports
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Enterprise Task Management
  • Employee Scorecards

Submit, Chat, and Share

Use your Omnidek Platform the gather forms from anyone in your business network. Chat in real time with question level security, and Share files, manuals, and drawings inside your branded portal.

  • Customer Portals
  • Warranty Portals
  • Subcontractor Portals
  • Private Portal
  • Collaboration Self Service Data and File sharing

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