The Perfect Toolset to Power your Entire Business

Omnidek has every feature to replace your files, communication, reporting, and external work with vendors, customers, and subcontractors.

Digital Business Forms

Easily create powerful forms for every team in your company to trigger processes and data-driven decisions and reports.

Power your forms with external data sources such as spreadsheets and databases for seamless cross-app processes.

Let your vendors, customers, or employee sign documents on the fly for quick approvals.


Reporting Insights

Condition your insights to monitor business activity in real time. Spawn enterprise task management from forms and workflow conditions.

Search and analyze your data from the lens of a specific process or specific job, employee, vendor, asset, or customer.


Workflow Inbox

See every business process in one place for you to chat, review, and approve to quickly move work forward.

Centralize your teams chat dialogue alongside every process. Create an evergreen content strategy for both files and communication inside Omnidek.


Channels Activity

Stop searching for files and start following your business activity in real-time by creating channels.

Channels creates a robust record of all communication, files, and data regarding a company Asset, project or individual. Create a Smart Data ECM strategy and never create folders again!


Live Chat

Whether you need a manager’s signature or a vendor’s acknowledgement or feedback, your business network can chat, verify, and approve in one conversation.

Maintain a fresh business conversation next to each and every business process to quickly move work forward.


Form Designer

Omnidek’s Zero Code form builder allows your existing team members to create web and mobile forms for gathering valuable business data.

Already have your forms in fillable PDF form and simply want to apply workflow and Chat? With a few clicks and a file upload you can begin consolidating your entire PDF forms library in minutes.

Not sure where to start? Get some ideas from over 100 existing forms in our free marketplace. Simply browse the marketplace for your desired workflow, Preview the forms layout, and add to your forms library. There you can make modifications, connect to data sources, and deploy in minutes.


Customer Portals

Create a collaborative, branded and secure workflow environment between your employees, customers, and vendors.

Collect forms, chat in real-time, and share files and statuses securely across your most valuable relationships.


Workflow Designer

Gain full visibility of processes, so you can stay on top of what’s going on with your workflow and spot bottlenecks ahead of time.

Manage your business process flow based on form conditions and/or corporate hierarchy and control the flow of all of your business work and activity.

Connect to the Data That Matters Connect to the Data That Matters

Connect to the Data That Matters

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