Get started using the Omnidek Platform.

We want to thank you for exploring the Omnidek platform. This document shall outline the process for licensing the Omnidek platform, the associated costs and the training and resources available to get you started.

  1. Complete and sign the Order Form and tell us when you want to begin using the Platform.
  2. Tell us how many employees will use the Platform.
    Monthly Subscription Fee:

Omnidek Standard Pricing:
$40/user/month with a minimum of 10 Employee users.

Omnidek Enterprise Pricing:
$25/user/month with a minimum of 100 Employee users.



Storage Fee:

Standard storage pricing scales at 1GB/user. Additional Storage costs are priced $500/month/TB of space. Archiving options are available.

  1. Get Started: Training and Implementation Resources:
    Omnidek Customer Experience (OCX):

OCX is our Standard Support Plan that allows for two (2) Designated Contacts of the Company to request on-demand chat assistance with our Omnidek experts, or to request telephone support between the hours of 8:00 am EST to 6:00 PST Monday through Friday. A Customer shall identify the Designated Contacts, which are the liaisons between the Customer and OCX Team for support. See the Omnidek Service Level Agreement attached as Appendix A for further details.



OCX Premium Support Plan:

This Premium Plan allows for all Users of the platform, not just Designated Contacts, to request on-demand chat assistance and up to 5 designated contacts able to request telephone support. Pricing is an additional $99/month, plus $2/user/month.



Knowledge Based Content:

All Employees can access resources, such as user manuals, videos and white papers, for training, troubleshooting, and more at We will also post regular updates about product enhancements, bug fixes and new resources available to Omnidek subscribers. All Users are encouraged to follow us on Social Media.




Omnidek’s Market place offers an “amazon-like” experience for downloading shared workflows across the community. The workflows are complementary and encouraged to be shared as the market place can drastically enhance start up time and lower costs for services. Every quarter our technology team conducts OMNICAST, a web-based showcase of new workflows, features and clusters available in the Marketplace community. Make sure you subscribe to the Omnidek newsletter for more details. Register at now.



OCX Premium Services:

If you need help or don’t have the appropriate resources, Omnidek’s Implementation team offers a full enterprise build out and implementation of your Omnidek Platform. The Premium Service also includes Form Design/Building, Workflow Design and Configuration, Security and Role Configuration, Site Customization/Branding, Custom Functionality (i.e., advanced form entry and custom data processing), Administrative/Train the Trainer, and onsite implementation assistance.

Simply call us at 225-590-7419 to schedule your OCX Premium Services.
Hourly OSX Premium Services are offered at $185/hour and will be invoiced monthly.
Onsite Implementation is $2500/day and includes reasonable travel and expenses.