Looking for an alternative to Google Sheets or Excel Spreadsheets?

Omnidek is much more than just a bunch of cells with formulas. Collect your data using forms through a workflow based chat and store the data in a secure dynamic table, reusable for actionable results, gaining real-time reporting and tracking.


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Looking for an alternative to PDF forms?

Microsoft Excel has been a popular choice for spreadsheets over the past few decades. As we move into a new age that uses data more than ever, we’re seeing the shortcomings of spreadsheets lacking key features to transform your data into smart content, for actionable results. Many businesses attempt to force spreadsheets as an application, business process, and storing data – spreadsheets were not created for these purposes. Spreadsheets lack error validation, data collection, data normalization, and security.

A few of the disadvantages of why you may not want to choose spreadsheets:

  • Lacks error validation
  • Data collection is complex
  • Mass data normalization
  • Smart data ready for the future
  • No easy way to share other than email
  • Difficult to configure formulas
  • Hard to consolidate information
  • Lack proper management control

Why Omnidek is a good alternative?

With Omnidek, capturing, storing, and reporting and tracking data has never been easier. Create any form within seconds using a zero code drag and drop form designer that can connect to dynamic data. In addition, you can design and apply a custom workflow, now your form travels through a real-time approval process with the use of business chat. All data collected is stored on the cloud in a secure assets table that allows you to build many various custom insights based on the data you need to see in real-time while controlling the access who sees what. The time to onboard new forms or workflows is reduced by 90%, letting you transform all information collected into searchable and filterable smart content that can be used for task creation, reporting, monitoring, and much more.

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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