End-to-end mobile and portal workflows

Create solutions that improve your nonprofit.

Omnidek Work OS gives you a mobile ready, easy-to-use process workflow management tool to streamline work and maximize productivity.

Donor Management

Create a complete data base for your donors with active timelines of activity, robust file management, Portal Access and more.

Board Management

Capture Meeting minutes, Create board tasks, Share valuable corporate documents and create portal access for Board of Directors 

Expense Management

 The WorkOS supports expense reporting and company credit card expenses with robust integration to Sage Intacct. The WorkOS seamlessly integrates with both Cash Management and Time and Expense modules. 

Employee and Volunteer Management

Better support and manage your team with digital forms for time collection, manager reporting, requests for purchases and information, as well as maintain accurate contact information for all your employees. Create secure and collaborative portals and spend more time living out your mission. 

Nonprofit Pricing

Pricing for Non-Profits is at a deep discount of 60% off the standard list pricing, which is an in-kind donation to the Non Profit's mission.


monthly (includes 25 users)
  • For small businesses looking to create standardized and integrated process automation across all departments with centralized communication.

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Small Nonprofit

monthly (includes 50 users)
  • For mid-sized businesses needing to consolidate applications, centralize communication and scale business processes while integrating with current systems.
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Midsize Nonprofit

monthly (includes 125 users)
  • For large-scale organizations looking to consolidate applications, and create process uniformity between multiple departments or divisions, while integrating multiple existing systems.
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unlimited users
  • For large-scale organizations looking to connect departments, processes and workflow through a highly customizable intranet portal that can integrate with multiple applications.
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Eliminate paper.... forever!

No need to reinvent the wheel. Utilize existing PDF forms and app screens with Omnidek's simple drag and drop form builder. Connect forms to spreadsheets and data platforms for improved, integrated data collection creating a seamless, simple, and efficient workflow that your staff will already be visually accustomed to.

Replaces: PDF, Word, Excel, MS Forms, Access, Timesheets, Expense Reports, Business form tools

Quit keying in spreadsheets. Let your Workflow do it for you.

Gather data via forms and analyze your data in real-time with Omnidek Insights. Set conditions and create interest points or actionables for your team members. Turn your business content into a powerful data matrix accessible via a public API for real-time dashboarding on activity. Replaces: Excel, Google Sheets, SmartSheets, AppSheets

Create an evergreen communication strategy. Integrated Chat with every business process.

Chat communications and audit history live inside Omnidek alongside workflows and forms forever creating a powerful historical snapshot of your business workflows.

Replaces: Outlook, Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, Gmail

Integrated chat with every business process.

Create and Evergreen Communication Strategy. Chat communications and audit history live inside Omnidek alongside workflows and forms forever creating a powerful historical snapshot of your business workflows. Replaces or Reduces: Email, MSFlow, BPM Software, Task Management Software

Create a network of your business contacts to do work together.

Companies today use old school utilities like email, attachments, and file sharing to #DoWorkTogether. These utilities were built for 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, not data. Omnidek's next gen operating system creates a new world free of files, attachments, and email allowing companies to share data, collaborate, and #DoWorkTogether securely and efficiently inside business portals. Create business portals for all your business relationships in minutes and start building your business network.

Replaces: Custom software, Client & vendor portals, Sharepoint, One Drive, Email, Teams

Channels are the data version of a file folder and its just better.

Files and folders are great at storing your grandparent's 8 1/2 x 11 documents but in the Omnidek NexGen Operating system it's all about data. Replace or modernize the processes that generate files and folders and building new data first processes. Omnidek Channels links all business forms regarding specific jobs, customers, vendors, etc. and gives you a complete view of all associated forms and content automatically without lifting a finger! Replaces: Windows folders, Servers, One Drive, Sharepoint, DropBox, Box

The customer experience is everything.

Caretaker Landscaping Stan M., Director Of Information and Technologies

Our experience has been great. We had been trying to solve some issues using Sharepoint and some other tools. It just kept getting more complicated and every change was an ordeal. We were quickly able to solve the easy problems and Omnidek was great at helping us solve the larger problems in ways we hadn't thought of. Great team, great support it has been a great addition for us.

MyCRE Tanner E., CEO

Easy to use, great user interface and integrations to ERP systems. We highly recommend Omnidek to all our Sage Construction and Real Estate customers looking for Form Automation and process management.

Dominion Mechanical Dave W.,Director of Project Delivery

Our hangups with selecting a platform for field reporting were, software that could export from our accounting data base (Sage 100) and connectivity in the field. Omnidek solved both issues to improve the end user experience with a consistent bridge to Sage 100 and the cloud/app based platform.

Cashio Realty Rachel J., Realtor

The entire team at Omnidek Was super nice. They were always there to answer questions and return emails and phone calls seemingly immediately. They also took my feedback and even put some features into the platform that I had requested early on.

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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