Omnidek Partners

Omnidek has many partnership opportunities—become one of our certified resellers to expand your business with a single cross-industry product.


Product Training

We offer in-depth training to show how Omnidek is configured and managed.

Brand Materials

Showcase the Omnidek logo, artwork, and media across your public platforms such as social, email, or website.

Ways to Use Omnidek

Here’s a few real-business use cases we’ve seen with our customers:

Industry Media

Omnidek is the Ultimate Workflow Process Platform that offers a company-wide enterprise intranet portal for every work process inside and outside the walls of your company. We replace your traditional mashup of single use apps, pdfs, email, and spreadsheet workflows.

Website Links

Our audience targeted landing pages are designed to provide the audience focused content for optimum conversion.

Omnidek for:

Social Media Content

Share or Re-share our content from our social


Sage & Construction Focused

Twitter for Chris
Twitter for Lauren

Seamless Integrations

Whether through import or API connections, Omnidek offers a complete end-to-end solution for seamless data driven processes.


20% 1st Year Commissions
  • 5% Annuity
  • No Minimum Cumulative Annual Contract
  • $9000 Avg. Annual Contract Value


20% 1st Year Commissions
  • 10% Annuity
  • $250,000 Cumulative Annual Contract
  • $9000 Avg. Annual Contract Value
  • 28 Estimated Units


30% 1st Year Commissions
  • 10% Annuity
  • $1,000,000 Cumulative Annual Contract
  • $9000 Avg. Annual Contract Value
  • 111 Estimated Units

What's in it for me?

Fast implementations for multiple processes in a no-code platform that build revenue quickly. With our non-punitive margin model, and Easy Connect integration tools, it is easier than ever to add Omnidek to your client’s solution set and fill gaps that no other systems can.  

Optionally, you can take on the professional services of Omnidek to boost your revenue.   

  • Sign the reseller agreement
  • Produce regular (Minimum 2/mo) Marketing Pieces
  • Place Omnidek Logo and Information with Link on Website under products and services
  • Like and Share Omnidek Social Media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Direct clients to your personal signup page to register for trials.

No, there is no maximum

No, there are no upfront costs for you.

 No, but there is an increased Commission stage after 2500 users sold.

No, Omnidek Professional Services team will perform any and all services requested from the client. You will receive a 10% Commission fee on these services sold.

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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