Omnidek 1st = Sage Intacct 1st

The Technology Strategy for the Next Decade

Companies have played wack-a-mole with buying technology for the past 10 years. It's time customers take advantage of Sage Intacct's web architecture and create a new technology strategy that reduces the need for apps, and increases the value of their Sage Intacct instance. No Apps. No Paper. One Platform.

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Build a Recurring Revenue

Fast implementations for multiple processes using a no-code platform that builds revenue quickly. With our non-punitive margin model, and Easy Connect integration tools, it is easier than ever to add Omnidek to your client’s solution set and fill gaps that no other systems can. Optionally, you can take on the professional services of Omnidek to boost your revenue.

Get Certified

Get your team certified to implement Omnidek and build lucrative professional services as new lines of revenue. Omnidek's no code platform takes only a few days to get certified, and you can begin implementing the platform. Contact us about our individual and team certification programs here.

No Limit on Commissions

The sky is the limit, your commission grows as your cumulative annual contract grows.

No Service Work Required

Our Professional Services team will perform any and all services requested from the client. You will receive a commission percentage fee on these services sold.


30% 1st Year Commissions
  • 10% Annuity
  • No Minimum Cumulative Annual Contract


50% 1st Year Commissions
  • 50% Annuity
  • No Minimum Cumulative Annual Contract
  • 12 Estimated Units

We offer readymade processes for every department

Field Services

Work Orders
Daily Reports
Crew Time Collection
Equipment Tracking
Job Photos

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Human Resources

Time Off Requests
Time Tracking
New Hire Onboarding
Employee Performance
Manager Reporting
Company Certifications

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Operations Management

Change Orders
Work Authorizations
Service Tickets
Time Management
Personnel Dispatch
Master Service Agreements

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Information Technology

Help Desk Requests
Employee Training
Client Portals
Tech Management
Service Tickets
Inventory Management

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Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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