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Omnidek has many partnership opportunities—become one of our certified resellers to expand your business with a single cross-industry product.


Product Training

We offer in-depth training to show how Omnidek is configured and managed.

Elevator Pitch

Looking for a digestible way of explaining Omnidek? We created a short, formal walk-through for you.

Shareable Media Content

Showcase the Omnidek logo, artwork, and media across your public platforms such as social, email, or website.

Webpage Boilerplate

Add our Omnidek boilerplate content next to some artwork or logo for easy publishing.

What is Omnidek?

Omnidek is the Ultimate Workflow Process Platform that offers a company-wide enterprise intranet portal for every work process inside and outside the walls of your company. We replace your traditional mashup of single use apps, pdfs, email, and spreadsheet workflows.

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Use Cases

Here’s a few real-business use cases we’ve seen with our customers:

Email Campaigns

Our team will blast an email on the schedule listed below. All content will either be feature focused use cases or Sage related content.

Targeted Landing Pages

Our audience targeted landing pages are designed to provide the audience focused content for optimum conversion.

For the IT team
For the Sage User Solutions
Demo Signup (Sage Focused)

Email Templates

Use these templates to set the right tone when you email your clients.

Authorized Partner Badges

Make it official by adding our Omnidek Workflow Expert badges so your clients know you're the pro.

Social Media Content

Share or Re-share our content from our social


Sage & Construction Focused

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Seamless Integrations

Whether through import or API connections, Omnidek offers a complete end-to-end solution for seamless data driven processes.

Share Our Customer Reviews

Embed Omnidek reviews directly on a webpage using the below method.

Follow this tutorial:

Reviews link:

​​Broadcast or Embed Our Video Shorts​

The most engaging content is now video. All of the most popular social media platforms have added a native video component, broadcast our videos for an easy and impactful message. Looking for niche video content to focus a targeted audience? Talk to us about production.

What's In It For You

  • 10% of 1st years Annuity
  • 20% of 1st Years Annuity and 5% of year over year annuity once you have sold 2500 Users
  • Perform Implementation and Training services direct to customer
  • Perform Custom development services using Omnidek Public API directly to customer
  • Sign the reseller agreement
  • Produce regular (Minimum 2/mo) Marketing Pieces
  • Place Omnidek Logo and Information with Link on Website under products and services
  • Like and Share Omnidek Social Media posts on LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Direct clients to your personal signup page to register for trials.

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No, there is no maximum

No, there are no upfront costs for you.

 No, but there is an increased Commission stage after 2500 users old as long as you maintain 2500 users/ year sold.

No, Omnidek Professional Services team will perform any and all services requested from the client. You will receive a 10% Commission fee on these services sold.

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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Email Intro Template

Hey [Name], 

[Our Company] has been thinking about how we can help companies create transparent communication, manageable approval workflows, and begin leveraging smart data to increase business production with less manpower and tech overhead. 
Why don’t we connect for a few minutes next week?  



Email Followup Template

Hi [Name], 

Thank you for taking the time to chat with me. As we discussed, it seems Omnidek may be a seamless solution for your organization to consider. Would you like to an informational demo set up with someone from their team? How does this week look for you?