Watch Omnidek in Action

Just a few processes you can use Omnidek for:

  • Employee Onboarding

  • PTO Requests

  • Daily Reports

  • Work Orders

  • Expense Reports

  • Service Tickets

  • Inspection Forms

  • Timekeeping

  • Purchase Orders

  • Work Authorizations

  • Warranty Requests

  • Task Management

  • Change Control

  • Prequalification Forms

  • Payment Apps

  • Customer Portals

  • Manager Reports

  • Departmental Requests

Trusted by Our Customers

Caretaker Landscaping Stan M., Director Of Information and Technologies

Our experience has been great. We had been trying to solve some issues using Sharepoint and some other tools. It just kept getting more complicated and every change was an ordeal. We were quickly able to solve the easy problems and Omnidek was great at helping us solve the larger problems in ways we hadn't thought of. Great team, great support it has been a great addition for us.

MyCRE Tanner E., CEO

Easy to use, great user interface and integrations to ERP systems. We highly recommend Omnidek to all our Sage Construction and Real Estate customers looking for Form Automation and process management.

Dominion Mechanical Dave W.,Director of Project Delivery

Our hangups with selecting a platform for field reporting were, software that could export from our accounting data base (Sage 100) and connectivity in the field. Omnidek solved both issues to improve the end user experience with a consistent bridge to Sage 100 and the cloud/app based platform.

Cashio Realty Rachel J., Realtor

The entire team at Omnidek Was super nice. They were always there to answer questions and return emails and phone calls seemingly immediately. They also took my feedback and even put some features into the platform that I had requested early on.