Less apps, legacy tools, and paper-based processes using a Digital WorkOS.


Create a Hassle-free Accounting Workspace


Simplify management with streamlined, standardized processes


Streamline Your Workflow from the Field to the Back Office


Better manage employees from onboarding to training to performance scorecards.


Create a Hassle-free Accounting Workspace

A Digital Work OS

For all your business needs.

Team collaboration at scale
  • Real-time approvals
  • Instant chat
  • Client portals
  • Solve problems faster
  • Spend less time in email
All processes on a single platform
  • Bird’s eye view on everything
  • Track results to make data-driven decisions
  • Simplify approval management
  • Automate work to save time and reduce errors
  • Remove bottlenecks
Empower citizen developers
  • No code required to create simple business processes
  • Drag and drop process builder
  • Reduce bottlenecks and slow clunky processes
  • Customize each workflow step
  • Tailor your department’s operational visibility
Improve reporting visibility
  • Conditioned insights
  • Real-time notifications
  • Tailored dashboard view
  • Automate data to your ERP
Orchestrate integrations and syncs
  • Automate data flow with external systems
  • Sage 100, 300 CRE, Intacct
  • Viewpoint
  • Accumatica
  • ERPs
  • External Systems

Automate Data Flow

Integrate Better.

Accounts Payable

Keep your accounts in good standing. Our automated accounts payable solution keeps you up-to-date to identify cost-saving opportunities, clear outstanding invoices, and maintain strong vendor relationships.

Simple Time

Combining Sage and Omnidek Time Tracking together allows you to track time directly from the field and sync directly to Sage account for job costing, billing, and payroll.

Job Cost Commitments

Easily determine profitability by managing your estimated, committed and actual job costs. Get the information you need quickly with a complete financial overview in Sage.

Daily Reports & Work Orders

Easy-to-use construction daily reporting software can help you streamline day to day communication and work while maintaining all your documented proof in one place

The Omnidek Assembly Line

Ditch Apps, Spreadsheets, and Email

Build and Share Forms

Build and Share Forms

Create dynamic web and mobile forms to collect data for whatever process you need.

Chat and Approve Work

Chat and Approve Work

Seamless workflows for every business process ensuring accountability for each step in moving work forward.

Track and Analyze

Track and Analyze

Monitor your business activity, see exactly what you need to know in real-time and spawn tasks from the data collected.

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