You don't need more apps.
You need an intranet portal.

A Digital Workplace that empowers your employees, vendors, and customers to #DoWorkTogether in one place, with no code.

Reduce Your Tech Cost per Employee by 25%

The average IT monthly spend per employee is $1,526 despite the increasing complexity of the business IT landscape. – ZDNet

50 %

Reduction in the amount of business apps and Saas costs

90 %

Reduction in time and costs to implement a new process

70 %

Reduction in email with Omnidek business network chat

A Digital Workplace that Adapts to Your Needs

Drag and drop to create a work process, embed existing fillable PDFs, or download free process accelerators from our marketplace.

Collaborate in Real-time for Fast Approvals

Whether you need a manager’s signature or a vendor’s acknowledgement or feedback, your business network can chat, verify, and approve inside a branded portal. Create seamless workflows for every business process ensuring accountability for each step in moving work forward.

Real-time Chat and Collaboration
Design Simple or Complex Workflows
Archived Chat History for Robust ECM

Invite Businesses into Your Omnidek Portal

Create a collaborative, branded and secure workflow environment between your employees, customers, and vendors. Collect forms, chat in real-time, and share files and statuses securely across your most valuable relationships.

Unlimited Portals for Free
Question Level Visibility and Security
Easy to Create and Invite

Track and Analyze All of Your Data

Empower your employees, customers, and vendors with online portals where you can determine the work and data shown. Bring people together for real-time collaboration in a seamless workflow.

Unlimited Portals for Free
Share Forms and Data Insights

The Omnidek Assembly Line

Ditch Apps, Spreadsheets, and Email - Power your business with a seamless flow of work

Build and Share Forms

Build and Share Forms

Create dynamic web and mobile forms to collect data for whatever process you need.

Chat and Approve Work

Chat and Approve Work

Seamless workflows for every business process ensuring accountability for each step in moving work forward.

Track and Analyze

Track and Analyze

Monitor your business activity, see exactly what you need to know in real-time and spawn tasks from the data collected.

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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