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Get a feel what your onboarding experience might look like. You’re on the right path to start creating automated workflows and seamless processes for your company.

Build Your Internal Success Team

Your company's internal success team is the secret to a successful Omnidek implementation. Your team needs a few key people to ensure your processes are implemented and continuously improved upon.


Meet Our Customer Success Team

Your Onboarding meeting will consist of:

  • Omnidek basic training (2 hours)
  • Discussing your first Work Process (Walk us through the current process that you’d like to implement into Omnidek). We'll discuss how our Omnidek platform will accommodate and how our Services Department can integrate.
  • Overview of your Omnidek Site (We’ll show you what the buttons do).
  • You'll also receive a User Invitation email to Setup your profile on your Omnidek platform.
  • Your meeting will be recorded to refer back to or send to additional team members.
Step 2

Send Over Your Top Processes

Define 3 processes you'd like us to help you implement in Omnidek.

For example, you could send us:

  • Completed Timesheet
  • Completed Expense Report
  • Daily Work Ticket
Step 3

Help Center

Get how-to guides and step-by-step instructions for specific features in our Knowledgebase.

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Talk to Sales

Have sales or general questions, chat with a real person and get answers. We’re online 8am to 5pm cst.

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Submit a Ticket

Paid users may log in and jump over to the Omnidek Support Portal to submit a ticket, we always respond within 24 hours.

Submit a Ticket

Manage your business workflows effectively, for everyone.

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Assign Your Team

 You will need to fill these 3 roles:

The Process Coordinator

Their role is to gather information from various employees involved in a process. They should be knowledgeable about most company processes/procedures in order to reduce the amount of modifications after initial setup.

The Decision Maker

It is important to have someone in an executive role or someone who can offer decision making authorization, if necessary.

The System Administrator

The System Administrator may also be the Process Coordinator. However, for a larger implementation it is important to train multiple System Administrators as they will be the most hands-on role to the software.

Team Member 1

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Team Member 2

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Team Member 3

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