Sage and Omnidek Integrations

Omnidek combined with Sage 100 and 300 CRE gives you the tools to streamline all of your accounting processes.

Key Benefits of Integrating

  • Create and connect powerful online forms for all of accounting
  • Automate your processes such as expense reports, payroll, and purchase orders
  • Set up a unique workflow for each process funneling into Sage100
  • Real-time chat for transparent communication on each form
  • Streamline business processes with automatic two-way communication between your business systems
  • Reduce human error by eliminating the need for manual, double-entry data input from Omnidek to Sage

Connect business processes to all of your accounting data

Create the ultimate business platform for all of accounting data and processes. Omnidek gives you the power to generate smart data content by capturing all of your data from expense reports, customer and vendor information, purchase orders, service work tickets, and any other forms you can think up. Our Sage integration syncs, updates, and creates records in Sage 100 and Sage 300 CRE so you don’t have to.

See all of your data in real-time exactly the way you need

Always be in the know using Omnidek, every data point captured can be seen with an Insight designed to show you exactly what is important to you before sent to Sage. Track, monitor, and share any information collected inside or outside the walls of your company.

Create Any Form with a Drag and Drop Builder

Omnidek’s Zero Code form builder allows your existing team members to create web and mobile forms for gathering valuable business data. Simply drag and drop form elements, connect to directly to Sage 100 or 300 CRE or other external data sources, and deploy to the Omnidek intranet portal.

Cloud hosting built for Sage100

The team at myCREcloud can transition your Sage 100 Contractor software to a cloud hosting solution. What are the benefits of Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting? You future-proof your business by making your data and software more secure, accessible, reliable, and scalable when you transition to Sage 100 Contractor Cloud Hosting.

And, you free up your team’s time to focus on your business instead of internal IT support and setup. Along with relieving IT headaches, you’ll achieve improved:

Enterprise level speed and reliability 24/7/365. Access your data and software from any device, anywhere, anytime. with improved speed and performance.

Your data and software are safe, secure, compliant, and backed up in your private cloud.

With 99.9% uptime and unparalleled speed, your software is available when and where you need it.

Reduce in-house IT expenses, vendor/support fees, and costs associated with maintaining software. And, create greater efficiency by more rapidly deploying software to team members.

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