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An ever-growing library of Sage Intacct workflow add-ins built by our community of power-users, consultants, and resellers. Join our community and maximize the value of Sage Intacct.

Mobile field and portal workflow extensions to Intacct

Branded portal experiences for your vendors and customers

Enterprise content and evergreen communication management

Push and pull integrations to all Intacct modules

Simplify & Scale Your Work Processes

Introducing Sage Intacct Workflow Widgets


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How Do I Get Started?


Omnidek is free to get started. Simply request a portal and schedule a quick start training session with one of our Omnidek experts. Additional setup and training services are available for a one time fee.


Connect your Intacct system to the Omnidek portal and synchronize your data.


Explore the library of ready-made workflow and process widgets. Modify widgets to meet company requirements and repeat. Upgrade to the paid Omnidek subscription and gain access to the full library of current and future Intacct workflow and process widgets.

Work processes kept simple, built smarter.

See how Omnidek can transform Sage Intacct work processes.

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