Why Omnidek?

An enterprise intranet portal that centralizes your workflow processes on one platform, no code required. Manage your business from one page.

Value Proposition

Omnidek is an intranet portal that allows your employees, customers, and vendors to do work together in one place with no-code, enabling you to consolidate the number of apps it takes to run your business.

Key Features

  • How many apps are you utilizing to run your business today besides your ERP system? 
  • What processes or department are manual today? 
  • What is keeping your organization from real-time integrated data and reporting? 
  • If you could give your field employees only one app for everything besides accounting, would you have interest? 
  • What types of data do you wish you could see in your ERP that you cannot today? 
  • Can Omnidek integrate with my ERP system? If the ERP can import a CSV file we can create the file and setup a macro to put the information in on a sync. Omnidek can interface/integrate with an excel spreadsheet, access database and most backend databases.
  • What departments can Omnidek be used for? All departments.
  • Can Omnidek build custom apps, processes, and reports? Yes, you can re-create apps, processes, and conditioned reports. 
  • Does Omnidek have a downloadable app? No, but Omnidek is mobile responsive and can be used on any device with internet access or cell service. 
  • Omnidek does too many things and we're not sure where to start. Most companies start with one ancillary process like a simple form, timecard, employee onboarding, expense report, PO request, daily report, etc. then add processes and users as they are more familiar with the system.
  • Omnidek cannot replace any of our current applications, so we do not have a need. Omnidek can remove the need to add any additional apps and clean up any forms or processes that you do not have an app for currently. 


  • Director IT: They understand and like the data flexibility plus the ease of use as no-code system. The public API and data are stored on the Azure cloud with Angular front-end framework. 
  • CFO/Controller: High demand for better reporting and collaboration around coded documents like PO, change orders, expenses, time, daily reports, PTO requests, etc. CFO focused on better reporting and ability to consolidate applications to run business. 
  • President/Owner: interest in company-wide real-time reporting capabilities as Omnidek can be used to collect data from all departments. Lower cost for technology, as Omnidek can be used across departments and consolidate applications. 

What does Omnidek offer?

One platform for all forms, processes, and files

The average company spends $1500 a month per employee on technology and management of technology

Omnidek reduces 50% of apps it takes to run your business

Because you now have EVERYTHING you need in ONE PLACE

All of your employees know how to use it

Every time you purchase a new App for a process- you now have to train EVERY SINGLE PERSON that is going to use it

Usernames and password management is a nightmare

Let’s consider the world we live in right now- Covid

We can reduce 90% of time it takes to implement new process improvements

Reduce 70% of emails inside a company

Eliminate company risks associated to phishing, ransomware attacks, security breaches, adhering to company email policies (purging for company liability/ electronic Risk)

Eliminate information overload of bloated email inboxes, lack of controls, loss or delay in communication, probability of missing important items due to information overload

50 %

Reduction in the amount of business apps and Saas costs

90 %

Reduction in time and costs to implement a new process

70 %

Reduction in email with Omnidek business network chat

Replace Your Traditional Business Office

No code. No paper. Less apps. Faster, better results.

Eliminate paper…. forever!

No need to reinvent the wheel. Utilize existing PDF forms and app screens with Omnidek’s simple drag and drop form builder. Connect forms to spreadsheets and data platforms for improved, integrated data collection creating a seamless, simple, and efficient workflow that your staff will already be visually accustomed to.

Replaces: PDF, Word, Excel, MS Forms, Access, Timesheets, Expense Reports, Business form tools

Quit keying in spreadsheets. Let your Workflow do it for you.

Gather data via forms and analyze your data in real-time with Omnidek Insights. Set conditions and create interest points or actionables for your team members. Turn your business content into a powerful data matrix accessible via a public API for real-time dashboarding on activity.

Replaces: Excel, Google Sheets, SmartSheets, AppSheets

Create an evergreen communication strategy. Integrated Chat with every business process.

Chat communications and audit history live inside Omnidek alongside workflows and forms forever creating a powerful historical snapshot of your business workflows.

Replaces: Outlook, Teams, Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, Gmail

Integrated chat with every business process.

Create and Evergreen Communication Strategy.
Chat communications and audit history live inside Omnidek alongside workflows and forms forever creating a powerful historical snapshot of your business workflows.

Replaces or Reduces: Email, MSFlow, BPM Software, Task Management Software

Create a network of your business contacts to do work together.

Companies today use old school utilities like email, attachments, and file sharing to #DoWorkTogether. These utilities were built for 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper, not data. Omnidek’s next gen operating system creates a new world free of files, attachments, and email allowing companies to share data, collaborate, and #DoWorkTogether securely and efficiently inside business portals. Create business portals for all your business relationships in minutes and start building your business network.

Replaces: Custom software, Client & vendor portals, Sharepoint, One Drive, Email, Teams


Channels are the data version of a file folder and its just better.

Files and folders are great at storing your grandparent’s 8 1/2 x 11 documents but in the Omnidek NexGen Operating system it’s all about data. Replace or modernize the processes that generate files and folders and building new data first processes. Omnidek Channels links all business forms regarding specific jobs, customers, vendors, etc. and gives you a complete view of all associated forms and content automatically without lifting a finger!

Replaces: Windows folders, Servers, One Drive, Sharepoint, DropBox, Box

Creating a Data Matrix for all your business content.

Multi-directional searching and drill down allows you to search and analyze your data from the lens of a specific process or specific job, employee, vendor, asset, or customer. Drill into forms and spawn new conversation threads and collaborate with your team instead of attaching files to emails and copying your team.

Replaces: Windows explorer, Windows folders, Document management systems, SharePoint, Intranet Portals, DropBox

Integration allows for the data collected to be validated at entry and thus able to be sent back into existing software platforms eliminating keystrokes and increase reporting accuracy. Omnidek was designed to integrate to existing accounting and ERP platforms to create keyless and paperless workflow solutions for all your business processes.


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